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Pietro Longhi – Accademia – Il concertino (detail)


September 25, 2020

Il Tamerlano

Accademia Bizantina, Ottavio Dantone

Cast: Bruno Taddia, Filippo Minecca, Delphine Galou, Sophie Rennert, Arianna Vendittelli, Marina de Liso

Vivaldi’s opera Tamerlano, based on a libretto by Agostino Piovene, was first performed in Verona in 1735.
The story revolves around the fate of the Turkish sultan Bajazet who has been captured by his rival, Tamerlano, emperor of the Tatars. Interestingly, Vivaldi chose in this pasticcio opera to compose himself those arias for the good characters (Bajazet, Asteria and Idaspe) while using arias by other composers for those of the villains (Tamerlano, Irene and Andronico). Among the latter is the famous, heart-wrenchingly poignant aria by Geminiano Giacomelli, “Sposa, son disprezzata”.

November 20, 2020


Europa Galante, Fabio Biondi.

Cast: Emöke Barath, Marie Lys, Delphine Galou, Marianna Pizzolato and Luigi De Donato.

A pasticcio opera in three acts.

Pasticcio operas were a common practice in the 18thcentury. They were pulled together by one composer, in this case Vivaldi, who then invited other composers to write some of the arias or lend arias from their own operas. The advantage to this was most likely one of speed in preparation. One of the happy results is a variety of compositional styles that often enhance an opera.
Comprised of but two cds, this is a short, jewel of an opera.


Julien Chauvin, Le Concert de la Loge – Concerti per violino ‘Il Teatro’
24 March, 2020 – Rouen, France, Chapelle Corneille
25 March, 2020 – Paris, Musée du Louvre, Auditorium
27 March 2020 – Metz, Arsenal, Cité musicale
Temporarily postponed due to the pandemic

Accademia Bizantina, Ottavio Dantone – Il Tamerlano
29 September, 2020 – Hamburg, Germany
Performance and release of cd

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